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About Irena Stopar

About Irena Stopar and her marketing tips

Irena Stopar, entrepreneur

Hi! I'm Irena Stopar.

You probably won't find a person who made as many mistakes in her or his business and personal life as I did.

On this website, I'll share my mistakes, takeaways, and tips what to do to avoid the unnecessary nervous breakdowns while you're building your business. 

Luckily, I always learn valuable lessons. Then I make another stupid decision that can teach me something else. Do you know the best part of it? Life is never bored and you can always get back to your feet.

What can I do for you?

My best intentions are to help you through the confusion of the business and marketing world. Why would I do it? Working on several projects, I decided to learn more about marketing.

During my learning, I realized I have multiple business experiences in different niches and professions. I hate theory and philosophy without testing them in practice. It might be valuable for you to learn from my life experience.

Multiple business experiences

I do my best by helping people to become happier, more successful and get back on their feet. Working as CEO of several companies (chain of shops, production of baby clothes,...), NLP Coach, Personal Development Astrologer, I always had one huge problem. It was not working long hours and trading my time for dollars.

​My biggest problem was marketing and sales

The missing part of the puzzle was knowledge about marketing and sales. I started to learn them after 25 years of entrepreneurship. Oh, yes, I see you laughing. It's true!

For 25 years I didn't have a clue what marketing really is! I don't even think that I know everything by now. I spent tens of thousants of dollars and countless hours of learning, tweaking and trying to accomplished something better. It seems obvious I might learn something during the process.

Please, don't ask me how I managed to sell something in the past. My friend tell me I have a feeling for marketing and sales. I'm not sure if she is right.

The truth is a little more painful. In my first business, my business partner took care about marketing. My later projects were not so successful, and there are at least three main reasons why. On this site, I'll tell you a lot of anecdotes from my business because I hope you'll remember the lessons.

​What a Quick Start Challenge changed?

Today, I realize I went all wrong about promoting my courses and other products online. After taking Quick Start Challenge coaching program where Dean Holland taught me about the right approach to blogging and marketing, I slowly found some solutions to my biggest problems.

It was probably at the end of June 2015 or beginning of July when I realized the power of right message at the right time to the right people.

Later I learned a lot about the right system and strategy in Quick Start Challenge coaching program. Year after year I join to Quick Start Challenge because I love it. On the other hand it forces me to stick to the basics. I highly recommend it if you're struggling with sales, marketing or want to become a successful internet business owner.

Quick Start Challenge is a great opportunity for small business owners, affiliate marketers and anybody else who wants to understand list building, marketing and sales. 

​A Businesswoman started learning from Internet Marketers

At soul I can say I'm an entrepreneur. I couldn't learn enough from several marketing so called experts so I started learning from internet marketers.

Why would anybody choose this path?

The answer is simple. I took several very expensive courses, but they didn't give me the knowledge or enough support to take action. For my first course mentoring by Dean Holland, I can say I paid a ridiculously low price. Quick Start Challenge made me realize what I need to do to be more successful. I just needed support to take a massive action and I got it. 

After learning The Biggest Secret of Affiliate Marketing by taking the 30 second's quiz, I knew that my future will be brighter and my projects much more successful. Everything I learned, I incorporated step-by-step in my existing business.

Results? Let me tell you about my biggest marketing mistake first.

​My biggest marketing mistake

As a complete newbie in marketing, I was thinking I'm smart. So I managed to find a great way to ruin my complete list of subscribers.

You probably know that money is on the list and you should treat it like a treasure of diamonds. 

In August 2015, I sent a message to my most active list of 5.000 subscribers that I'm changing my email provider. I started using Get Response. I told them to opt-in again, or they won't receive the updates anymore.

Many people wrote me they didn't know how to do it. I had plenty of work just by instructing them what to do even if I sent them clear instructions before the change occurred.

Long story short. I started again with ZERO SUBSCRIBERSmanaged to get 200 opt-ins for this project immediatelly and started over in September 2015. There were the busiest months ahead. I was afraid what will happen.

After a few months, I managed to keep my income at the last year's level almost without the list. Could you believe it? How did I do it?

My income grew because of the lessons learned from my mentor Dean Holland. If you wish to start learning from him, I suggest you start here.

I took a few other courses on different topics (how to create a good course, how to sell on Amazon, etc.) and tried to implement as many ideas as I could. You don't need to learn any of those topics if you choose to become an internet marketer or partner with Dean Holland. He and his team take care of all the hardest things in business (eg. sales).

You need a good mentor and support group 

Without a mentor and a fantastic support group, an online business can be a hard and lonely place. I don't have friends interested in business and marketing. I couldn't talk to other people about my ideas or ask for help. 

One day in March 2016, I got the invitation to the Dean Holland's free webinar. I almost forgot the good feeling and the simplest possible way to learn valuable things about sales and marketing.

The same evening I made a decision that changed my life and my business within two weeks. I joined iPro Partners program. Decided to take a vacation, so I could learn the hell of my mentor and his team. My vacation was sitting by the computer, watching the videos, take notes and learn as much as I could.

After a few in-depth videos, I took action. I made my first affiliate money. I could immediately saw what I'm doing wrong in my existing business. Unfortunatelly, it took me almost a year before I started tweaking everything step-by-step in my other projects.

Every day, I get a massive support from other iPro Partners. I meet the most amazing people and love to connect with them. For me, just joining the iPro Partners program worth much more than the entry investment to become a Partner.

I didn't tell you everything yet. Being iPRO Partner has another great benefit. When I tell others about it, I even earn commissions. And so will you if you're ready for big commissions

​New and very simple strategy

In April 2016, I created an entirely new very simple strategy that transformed some of my projects by the end of 2016. You can find it here and use it for your benefit. 

Right now, I'm working on three different projects in two languages. I manage to find time for learning and implementing the new marketing techniques I didn't use before. Finally, I get the results I deserve. 

My journey to internet marketing begun and here I am to share my big takeaways and experiences from my business and learning process.

​Don't make the same mistakes!

I wish you could learn from my experience. Don't be tempted to make the same mistakes I did. You can be creative and make your own mistakes or find a great mentor and get immediate results. 

Reading about my mistakes can make you laugh. Just stick with me and you'll experience the fun. There were very sad days for me in the past. Now, I'm laughing at some of them at loud.

Don't think this is a blog about mistakes! NO WAY!

It's obvious I did a lot of things right otherwise, I wouldn't survive 28+ years as an entrepreneur and wouldn't make any money. I will share great tips and things I did right at the first time. 

Make sure you'll learn something from my dark valleys and shiny days during my learning in business world.

So you stuck with me to the end of one of my life stories. I thank you for your time. I promise you I'll do my best to pay off your time investment in reading, sharing and commenting my blog.

Have fun!


P.S. Business needs to be fun! Love it or better get a job!