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Are you GDPR complient

This spring I wanted to restart my Business and Marketing Blog. When I finally checked the sign-up process, I discovered GDPR. It took forever to write all legal documents and pages in my language. Then, I should translate everything in English. You can imagine how I said: “No way!” This autumn I joined the Quick Start […]

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List Cleaning

List Cleaning – Why you should regularly clean your list

List building is one of the most important tasks for every online business owner. It doesn’t matter if you’re an affiliate marketer or you’re promoting your products and services. If you don’t have a list, you don’t have a sustainable business. When you start your business, you start with zero subscribers. After a while, you see […]

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Feeling fear of failure

Online entrepreneur and fear of failure

We all feel fear sometimes, and it’s normal to be afraid of the new things. It doesn’t matter if you’re scared of spiders, snakes, business success or feel fear of failure. It just is not fun. Starting a business seems a significant risk for most people. Many are starting their businesses for the first time in […]

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shinny object syndrome

Latest shiny objects syndrome

Today ’s post is short because I would like to tell something crucial for your online success. In the past few days, I introduced you just a few of my favorite tools that make my online business more manageable and more profitable. I call them my marketing assistants and sometimes immagionary associates. I will add the links […]

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social media posting

Turn blog post into a 2-year social media campaign

How much time do you spend posting your marketing content on social media instead of creating it and engaging with your audience? I’m not a big social media fan but let’s get real. If you want to succeed online, you need to be there. Your website visitors are hanging on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and other […]

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Searching for images

Create your images quick

The Internet is one big place where you can find almost anything including images. How did the humans survive before Google? When you want to build a beautiful website or blog, you start searching for free images. You might pick the first one you see, but often you browse site after site, search all Google recommendations […]

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My marketing assistant

My marketing assistants

Online marketing takes a considerable part of your online business. When starting your online journey, you need to learn about setting up or at least updating your blog and website. You need to learn how to update plugins and make sure your site is safe. Then you choose your strategy. Let’s say you start blogging and […]

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my dream life

My dream life

I like the challenges. Without them, I quickly get bored and unmotivated. If you visited my blog, you probably noticed it. For Quick Start Challenge – week 2 challenge we need to describe our dream life in our blogs. I don’t need to take the challenge to know what I want, but it is a friendly […]

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shortpixel plugin

Is your website slow? Fix it today for free!

Website speed is an important SEO ranking factor, but when you’re starting your business, you don’t have to think about SEO. What matters is your website visitors and subscribers. With a slow website, they might leave you before they even get to know your awesome content. Recently, I noticed my sites are becoming slower and slower. […]

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online business tools

Crucial online business tools for beginners

Crucial online business tools for beginnersOne of the frequently asked questions is “What are crucial online business tools for beginners?”. Let me share my experience with you. I can still remember the time when I first started my business and marketing blog. I thought I need everything. I was listening to my mentors, fellow marketers, and many […]

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