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Bees and motivation in Business and Marketing

The Bees Rule for Your Business and Marketing

The Bees Rule for Your Business and Marketing

I had an amazing motivation from nature in the morning. In a minute, you can learn a big lecture to avoid two big business and marketing killers.

One of the business and marketing killers are procrastination and lack of activity. If you'd just watch the bees for a while, you'd notice they don't have problems with them.

Nature and business

It's spring time here, and I really enjoy the colors in my garden. While I was drinking my morning cup of coffee and writing my today's schedule, I noticed the full garden of bees.

Right now, it's not important that the bees produce honey. It's interesting how they do it. They fly from the flower to the next one and pick as much pollen as they can.

They never stop and don't procrastinate. They simply know what is on their TO-DO list for the day and do whatever they can.

6 Simple Steps for Your Efficiency

If you lack sales, business success, motivation, you procrastinate or can't get yourself going in the right direction you simply must watch the bees. Do very simple tasks every day.

All you have to do is to follow 6 simple steps every day.

  • Take your calendar.
  • Schedule the most important tasks for the day or a week.
  • Every assignment divide into chunks (step by step).
  • Take action! Start doing what you supposed to do.
  • Your calendar and TO-DO list should be completed by evening.
  • Celebrate and enjoy the rest of the day.

Tomorrow, you'll finish next goal. Just follow the 6 simple steps formula.

Do you feel overwhelmed, tired or exhausted? I encourage you to get out of your flat or house and take a trip to the meadow. You'll relax and enjoy in the messages from nature.

Make it simple!

If you didn't create the simple and effective strategy, you feel overwhelmed or you complicate your business too much, join VIP CLUB. I'll send you my super simple strategy template for your successful small business.

What do you think about the bees rule? How often do you apply it to your business? What does it bring to your life? Tell me in the comment section below.

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