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Blog and Website

Blog and Website Difference

Blog or Website - Blog and Website Difference

Today, I'll do my best to clarify the Blog and Website Difference.

In my previous blog post, I wrote about setting up your Blog and recommended you free and paid theme options.

Many people are asking me about the difference between blog and website. If you are getting confused about them, I'm sure you'll understand the difference after reading this article.

Blog and Website are two different things. Yes, there is a very thin line between them, but they are not the same. They have two different names. Don't they?

The main difference between Blog and Website is the purpose and format of each of them. By format, I'm talking about the content. Especially, how you present the content on your website or blog.

Let's look at some key differences between Blog and Website.


Blog and Website Difference

Every blog is a website. The primary purpose of the blog is to create and deliver great content for your blog visitors.

When we talk about Blog, the content is the King.

You should create at least one piece of content every week. In the beginning, it would be great if you could publish something valuable every day or at least every 3-4 days.

The main purpose of your Blog is to give valuable content and advice. It allows you to connect with your Blog visitors and answer their questions.

Tip: Install the comment section on your Blog and make sure to respond your visitors the best you can.

People will get to know and like you. When you gain their trust, you become an expert in your niche.

Your expertise will help you to monetize your blog and start living from helping people. You can do it by adding ads and useful links on your blog.


Blog and Website

You'll find many websites that don't have Blog. It's fine because they have a different job. They mainly have to tell you more about the company, their products and sell you stuff.

The website promotes the company that owns a website and their products. If the company doesn't use the Blog, they communicate with their visitors about what they have to offer.

The downside is that visitors often don't come back and order more products. Without a blog, you don't have an ability to educate or entertain your visitors every week or several times a month.

Blog and Website

In my previous article, I suggested you choose WordPress for your blog.

One of the reasons for my recommendation is that you can build a Blog, a Website or Blog, and Website with WordPress.

It's great for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), easier for designing your website and blog at once, updating your content and easy to use.

If you use a great Theme like Thrive Themes, you can update the new design and functionality quickly and easily. More important is that you don't lose your content when you update their themes.

Blog and Website – What to choose?

If you're just starting out, I suggest you pick a Blog.

Don't overcomplicate with the menus and functionality. Use free WordPress theme or choose one of great Thrive Themes or any other paid themes.

You can start a Blog today and add the menu and the rest of the website whenever it suits you.

Don't procrastinate! Just take imperfect immediate action today!

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