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Feeling fear of failure

Online entrepreneur and fear of failure

We all feel fear sometimes, and it’s normal to be afraid of the new things. It doesn’t matter if you’re scared of spiders, snakes, business success or feel fear of failure. It just is not fun. Starting a business seems a significant risk for most people. Many are starting their businesses for the first time in […]

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my dream life

My dream life

I like the challenges. Without them, I quickly get bored and unmotivated. If you visited my blog, you probably noticed it. For Quick Start Challenge – week 2 challenge we need to describe our dream life in our blogs. I don’t need to take the challenge to know what I want, but it is a friendly […]

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The most important person

The most important person in your business

The most important person in your businessWhen you start your online business, you probably feel like you have little to nothing to share. It’s total bullshit! One of your first visitors is probably your mom, dad, brother, sister or your cat. You can imagine how curious they are what are you writing about on your blog. […]

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