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My marketing assistant

My marketing assistants

Online marketing takes a considerable part of your online business. When starting your online journey, you need to learn about setting up or at least updating your blog and website. You need to learn how to update plugins and make sure your site is safe. Then you choose your strategy. Let’s say you start blogging and […]

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online business tools

Crucial online business tools for beginners

Crucial online business tools for beginnersOne of the frequently asked questions is “What are crucial online business tools for beginners?”. Let me share my experience with you. I can still remember the time when I first started my business and marketing blog. I thought I need everything. I was listening to my mentors, fellow marketers, and many […]

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My latest commitment

My latest commitmentThis Spring, I wanted to restart my blog, but I had so many tasks to finish. I know what you think. Excuses! Yes, they are, indeed. I simply didn’t follow through.  After joining Quick Start Challenge 2018, I decided to make another promise to myself. It often helped me in the past when I […]

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Start Building a Blog or you write first post

Before You Start Building a Blog

Before You Start Building a BlogThere are so many things you should know before you start building a blog. I can’t tell you everything in one post, so I’m going to focus on one of the most important things today.I’m not going to talk about the technical issues of creating a blog. It should be […]

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Bees and motivation in Business and Marketing

The Bees Rule for Your Business and Marketing

The Bees Rule for Your Business and MarketingI had an amazing motivation from nature in the morning. In a minute, you can learn a big lecture to avoid two big business and marketing killers. One of the business and marketing killers are procrastination and lack of activity. If you’d just watch the bees for a while, […]

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Bussiness Trip could be fun

Let’s Take a Bussiness Trip!

Let’s Take a Bussiness Trip!Most of the small business owners say they are pretty lonely in their businesses. Some of them don’t get support even from their family and friends. They are afraid of competition and plenty of them even face fear from customers. In the beginning, many of them are completely lost in the big […]

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