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Searching for images

Create your images quick

The Internet is one big place where you can find almost anything including images. How did the humans survive before Google?

When you want to build a beautiful website or blog, you start searching for free images. You might pick the first one you see, but often you browse site after site, search all Google recommendations and after a couple of hours get sick of everything.

I tried Canva and many other services, but it was not exactly what I needed. I wanted something simple. I searched for a service that would allow me to quickly find and pick an image, resize it in seconds, download it and upload the picture wherever I want.

Searching for images all the time

I run a few blogs and every week need a couple of suitable images for each of my posts. I didn’t mention websites, landing pages, sales pages, freebies, videos, and social media posts.

If I would have to spend my time to search for the right images every day, I would completely change the look of my business. It’s exhausting and gives you no or almost no reward.

Did I tell you I have a few sweet friends who share with me what they do and what tools they use to automate their businesses? I learned a lot from them, and now I can share what they taught me.

When I was complaining about my time and couldn’t find a person who would work a few hours each week for me my friend told me he doesn’t have to hire a designer anymore. I was surprised because he has a nice website.

I asked him how much time does he spend to create beautiful images. He smiled and said: “Irena, I need to teach you how to free a lot of your time. You’re so busy and overcomplicate things.” It wasn’t pleasant to hear, but I agreed.

Then, he sent me his link to look at what he’s using for his website. Now, I have an opportunity to tell you about this excellent service called Stencil.


Exactly what I needed

Stencil is a service for people who don’t have much spare time and want to design their marketing assets themselves. It’s designed with speed in mind. It’s super quick and easy to use. Instead of browsing Google countless hours it allows you to focus on much more important parts of your business.

I just love it because it frees my time and energy since I use Stencil for all my marketing materials. You can use it for your website, blog, printed materials or social media (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, Buffer, Bitly or any other).

Choose the image, pick the social media or something else, and it will resize the image in the exact size you need. If you need additional editing just add text, icon or quote and your image is ready. You can play around with some other settings but if you’re in a hurry and happy with the first version you can download your copy in seconds.

You can pick different ad sizes, headers, and unlimited custom sizes. You need just a few clicks, and your image is ready to post.

Do you post on social media?

If you regularly post to several social media accounts, you can spend countless hours searching for the right images and preparing them for what you need.

Can you imagine how many images you need to fill your Instagram account if you want to get a nice following and promote your business effectively there? Thousands!

Stencil allows me to upload my template and change the text. Then, I download the images to my computer or phone and upload them to my Instagram account. (Sorry, for this blog I didn’t start posting there yet but will begin soon.)

Quick, simple and free

If you’re just starting your business, you probably think you can’t afford it. No way! They got you covered.

Click on this link and check it yourself. You can sign up for a FREE account with some limitations.  

I love quick and simple services that don’t cost me an arm and a leg. Stencil allows me precisely what I need for just a few dollars per month. I started for free and soon upgraded to Unlimited account.

Whenever I choose a new service or tool, I always think about the investment and profit. If a tool brings me more time or money than I invest, I buy it. Stencil is one of those tools that pays itself every month.

I can confidently say Stencil is one of my favorite tools or imaginary associates that make my business more profitable.

I would like to hear from you. Did you try Stencil? Do you love it, too? 

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