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Crucial online business tools for beginners

Crucial online business tools for beginners

One of the frequently asked questions is “What are crucial online business tools for beginners?”. Let me share my experience with you.

I can still remember the time when I first started my business and marketing blog. I thought I need everything.

I was listening to my mentors, fellow marketers, and many others. I wanted to know and use everything. The result was I didn’t do almost anything right because I overcomplicated the whole thing.

Watching people who are far advanced and use many advanced tactics and tools will not help you at this stage of your business. They need them and can benefit from them. But not you when you are taking the first steps of your online business journey.

Just admit you’re starting out and know you can improve your website and all other things later when you need them. In the beginning, you need only a few things. Take your time and invest in two of the essential tools.  

Crucial for your online business success is your website or at least an attractive landing page. The second one is email marketing provider that will help you manage your mailing list.

Email provider

You probably heard the money is on the list. If you want to capture your website or blog visitors email addresses you need a great email provider. An email provider is a service company that will allow you to capture email addresses and send follow up emails to your subscribers.

In the beginning, I suggest to keep it stupid simple. Send regular emails and updates. Later, you’ll get fancy with your autoresponders and automation. In my businesses, I use two email marketing providers. Each has its benefits, and I’d like to talk about them in this post.

You need to build strong foundations before you can see your online success.

Build your blog or website

You can build your online business without a blog or website. I would never choose this option, but it’s possible to start just with emails. You can send people from your Facebook or other social media profiles, groups and pages to your landing page with the opt-in offer.

I wrote a few blog posts about the blog and website difference. Here are the links to each of the posts:

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If I started all over, I would put some thoughts into my website. I would choose a great theme that would allow me to build a pretty and eye-catching website.

I highly recommend Thrive Themes because I used many others in the past. Since 2015, when I discovered Thrive Themes, I use their themes on all of my sites.

The only exception is my academy website where I use WooCommerce because I need the option for my membership area. For this website, I use WooCommerce official theme and extensions. For all other purposes, I use Thrive Themes and all their plugins. So, if you want to build a conversion focused and beautiful website I can’t recommend anything better.

When your business grows, you will be able to add a nice commenting plugin, build high-converting landing pages, show different offers to people who are your first-time visitors and different to existing subscribers, optimize any page with just a click or two, create different types of quizzes and many more.

Click here and check yourself how great they are.

Email Marketing provider

You need a good email marketing company that will allow you to capture your visitor’s email addresses and send autoresponder email messages. As long as you don’t have your own products and complicated funnels you would be happy with many on the market.

In this post, I will briefly explain two of my favorite email marketing providers. If you have a longterm vision and plan for your business, you’ll be able to choose the one suits you best.  

Get Response

For all my affiliate programs I use Get Response. It’s more affordable and has all the features I need. It’s one of the top-rated services. I like their simplicity and live support. Their live chat support is available 24/7, and it is the main reason why I would choose GetResponse if I would starting my online journey today.  

I think GetResponse is one of the best solutions for someone who is just starting his affiliate program business because it will grow with you when your company and your needs grow. They offer basic and advanced packages where you get the email marketing, autoresponders, automation, webinars, surveys, landing pages, and e-commerce.

I guess you don’t need all advanced features right now, so I suggest you start with their Basic package. You can easily upgrade when your business grows and suits you.


In most of my businesses, I use pretty complicated funnels where I move people from one offer to another completely on autopilot. It is the main reason why I use ActiveCampaign. It’s an amazing company that I love especially because of advanced segmentation, tagging and segmenting my contacts.

The Basic package is super simple to use, but when you start using more advanced features, it requires some learning curve. They have great support, but when I began using ActiveCampaign, I was lost because it is much different from anything else I used before.

The main difference

ActiveCampaign charges you for a contact instead of contact on every list. You can have your contacts on unlimited lists and automations, and they still charge you per contact. Most of the other email providers will charge you for contacts on your list.

Let me explain. When someone opt-in through your form you get this person on the list. If you offer more than one opt-in offers, they quickly end on two, three or many more lists. Most of the email providers will charge you multiple times for that contacts.

ActiveCampaign would charge you for one contact only even if that person is on ten or a hundred lists. GetResponse would charge you for 1, 2, 10 or 100 people when the same scenario happens.​

In the beginning, it really doesn’t matter because you will start with the first list and will need some time to get your first subscribers. Later, you can switch to another company at any time.

Right now, I use GetResponse for my affiliate programs, but as my mailing lists grow, I think about switching my affiliate funnels to ActiveCampaign, too.

Get the free account

Before I finish my post, I would like to encourage you to test what you like best. Both companies offer a free trial. Sign up for both, test them for a limited time for free and then choose which one suits best your needs.

Click here for GetResponse free account

Click here for ActiveCampaign free account

I suggest you sign up for a free account to get familiar with the platform first. I can imagine you feel overwhelmed by all the things you can do right now. Remember, you need to build strong foundations before you can see your online success.

Give yourself some time and build a nice blog or website. If you chose what I suggest in this post, it should take just a few hours and no more than a day.

Then connect your blog with the email provider. Learn quickly how to create your first form and publish it on your site. It might take an hour up to one day.

Test what suits you best and then choose one. I can guarantee it would be a well spend time because you will build a strong foundation for your business that will allow you to start making money in the next steps.

Moreover, don’t forget! Stick to the foundations for a day or two because you will save your time later when you’ll have to work on other parts of your business and will lack of time and energy to get back to the basics.

Final thoughts

When you start your business online, don’t overcomplicate. Start with a simple or attractive blog or website. It really doesn’t matter at this stage of your business. Invest a few bucks and choose Thrive Themes. Keep in mind! When you want a longterm business, this is not a cost but an investment.

Then pick a great email marketing provider. It really doesn’t matter what you choose at this stage. If I were you, I would create a free account at GetResponse and another free account at ActiveCampaign. Then, I would use both for 2 weeks and then pick one of them.

I’m aware you have lots of things on your mind at this moment. Please, don’t freeze! Take action, build strong foundations and commit yourself to your success.

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