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Are you GDPR complient

This spring I wanted to restart my Business and Marketing Blog. When I finally checked the sign-up process, I discovered GDPR. It took forever to write all legal documents and pages in my language. Then, I should translate everything in English. You can imagine how I said: “No way!”

This autumn I joined the Quick Start Challenge and started writing more on my blog and working behind the scenes. I delivered the free guide Business and Marketing Strategy template and all the messages that help people to implement it to their business.

What I didn’t do is to send other messages. No promotional emails or updates what is happening on my blog. The reason is simple. I didn’t have all new GDPR pages updated and didn’t dare to send anything new to my subscribers. I will probably lose all of them because none will remember who I am.

How did I solve the GDPR problem

Luckily, I’m an Internet Profits Certified Partner. In case you haven’t heard of it I can say it’s one of the best internet marketing educational and promotional programs. They teach us how to create a successful business online and give us an opportunity to earn 4-figure numbers.

One of the best things being an Internet Profits Certified Partner is the company provides us with all promotional material. In October, they prepared the legal templates for our websites. How many other companies do it for their affiliates? Right now, I don’t know any.

It took me a couple of hours to read the templates, change what was necessary for my country laws and publish them on my website. Thanks to being an Internet Profits Certified Partner, from today, I can promote my site and start making the commissions again.

So, if you’re looking for an excellent opportunity to make money online, I can highly recommend the Internet Profits because they overdeliver and give you all support you can imagine while you’re building your successful internet marketing business.

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