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Is your website slow? Fix it today for free!

Website speed is an important SEO ranking factor, but when you’re starting your business, you don’t have to think about SEO. What matters is your website visitors and subscribers. With a slow website, they might leave you before they even get to know your awesome content.

Recently, I noticed my sites are becoming slower and slower. For one of them, the opening time was over 16 seconds. It should never happen, but it did.

After optimizing the same site with this free solution, the site opens in 6-9 seconds. It needs further optimization, but I’m so happy with this quick and free solution that I need to tell you about it.

Save those 129€

I was searching for the site optimization when seen my internet provider offers image speed optimization. I took the offer, but you can save those 129€ that I paid for image optimization for just one of my sites because I have a free solution for you.

Website optimization can be tricky, and right now I’m in no position to teach you everything about it. What I can do for you is to help you optimize your website images so your website will open in a shorter time.

Free image optimization

When I did what I’m telling you in this post, all my websites started opening at 50% of the previous time.

All you have to do is to check how your site images are performing and download reduced size images. After optimization, you should notice improved site speed with more or less the same image quality.

Click here and enter your web address.

Free plugin for WordPress

If you want an instant replacement of the optimized images, I recommend you to upload their free plugin called ShortPixel.

Download it and then upload to your WordPress dashboard. In case you don’t know how to upload plugins don’t worry. You’ll find all the instructions on the download page.

Then activate the plugin and start enjoying higher website speed.

On the ShortPixel site, you’ll find free and paid option. When you have up to 100 images uploaded on your website, free image optimization will do the job.

Do yourself a favor, optimize your images within the next few minutes and thank me later.

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