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shinny object syndrome

Latest shiny objects syndrome

Today ’s post is short because I would like to tell something crucial for your online success.

In the past few days, I introduced you just a few of my favorite tools that make my online business more manageable and more profitable. I call them my marketing assistants and sometimes immagionary associates.

I will add the links to the previous posts below so you can easily find them if you missed any.

Shiny objects syndrome

When looking at my inbox, I get new offers and many recommendations day after day. In the beginning, I bought many of them and never used them. In the marketing world, it is called the latest shiny object syndrome.

Please, listen to me and make yourself a big favor!

Don’t believe you must have all those new tools and information. Don’t buy everything you see. You need much more experience if you want to cover all the costs they cause you. When you get more experienced, you won’t need most of them.

One of the reasons why people fail online is that they spend more than they make. By buying one more thing and another and another you travel into the latest shiny object syndrome trap.

People who continue purchasing everything because there’s a special price or scarcity timer are the ones who suffer online.

Helpful articles

Here are the links to some of my previous blog posts where I tried to explain why I use some of the tools. You can try them all for free.

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I'm serious

Instead of doing stupid things choose one of the best email marketing services, buy a great theme for your blog, landing pages or website and use the tools that will help you with your traffic, conversions, and sales.

I would like to hear from you. How often do you buy something you never use?

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