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The most important person

The most important person in your business

The most important person in your business

When you start your online business, you probably feel like you have little to nothing to share. It’s total bullshit!

One of your first visitors is probably your mom, dad, brother, sister or your cat. You can imagine how curious they are what are you writing about on your blog. They will be proud of you or tell you to work on something useful instead.

Whatever they say, please, don’t ever forget something super important! They are not walking in your shoes, and you have every right to do what suits you.

Sooner or later someone else will land to your website. If you already managed to get the first visitor to your site, you can be sure you have something interesting to say. He or she might be interested in learning who you are, what is your story and what brought you to the internet world.

It all started with the About Me page. You wrote there about your journey before you began writing your Blog. You said something about yourself, your dreams, your goals, and expectations. Perhaps you even committed to something on the About Me page.

Find the most important person in your business

Slowly, you’re going to learn more about your visitors. No matter how strange it sounds, I would advise you not to focus on your website visitors and Facebook friends. There is one much more important person, and you should start focusing on this person.

The most important person in your business is YOU.

Before you start an online business make sure you know what you want from it, why you want it and what is the best way to achieve your dreams and goals. Stick to your personality and don’t try to become someone you don’t want to be.

When you show your visitors who you really are they will come back if they like you and need what you offer. If they love you and your personality, you get the most loyal visitors who will come back, comment on your Blog, share your posts and buy at your recommendation.

So, I would like you to answer a super simple yet powerful question: “Who really really really am I?”.

Answer it and start your business from here. I can guarantee you will become successful and “go to person” if you then take consistent action.

About the Author Irena

I help people become the best version of themselves so they can become happier, more successful and live the life of their dreams.

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  • I agree, first and foremost you must focus on YOU, but once you get that right, you must focus on your goals, but not on your own passions. People don’t care about YOUR passions, they care about THEIR passions. So to be successful, set your goals out in writing, even if just on a blog post, then find someones passion that you can get passionate about, and work on your goals with those people. When you get in front of people that care about something, you can offer them something they really want, and when they get it from you, you are getting closer to reaching your own goals. Once you get that one strong, then find another. Keep doing that, and every time you do, you’ll get closer and closer to your end goal, your end goal should be your ultimate goal, your walk away point, what do you want to do with the rest of your life?
    IMHO, that is the way to do it. In bite-size pieces, one step at a time.
    Find your passion in other people’s passions, because like I said, people don’t care about your passion, you have to have a passion other people care about. If your passion already has a huge amount of people with the same passion, now find out if you can monetize it. but don’t do it just to monetize it, try to improve people, in high quality, in customer service, in everything.
    Secret tip: Care more about others, and they will care more about you. Care more about yourself and they will care more about themselves.

    • Irena says:

      Richard, thank you for your great comment. What I like to do is to stick to one topic at the time. I love the bite-size content but often lose my focus on too many things. When decided to restart my blog, I decided not to try to overwhelm my visitors with too many tips in one post. (the reason why next steps aren’t in the post)

      I’m pretty sure and totally agree with you we can’t survive online or offline if we think about ourselves only. But if you start your business with other people and their wants, needs, and passion in mind you might get lost in their values. You will never be able to become someone else because you need to be exactly who you are.

      You can and should improve yourself and become the best version of yourself for sure. But you need to start somewhere. So, my experience shows it’s best to start with yourself in mind and then do the best to help similar kind of people. It works like magic for me.

      Note: I’ve been active online since 2005. I’ve seen many changes but this principle never changed so far. 🙂

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