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my dream life

My dream life

I like the challenges. Without them, I quickly get bored and unmotivated. If you visited my blog, you probably noticed it.

For Quick Start Challenge - week 2 challenge we need to describe our dream life in our blogs. I don’t need to take the challenge to know what I want, but it is a friendly reminder to talk about the fuel for my business and life.

Why did I become an entrepreneur

I’ve been working hard as an entrepreneur for the most of my life. The best part is I’ve always chosen something that I loved, so it is fun the majority of the time. Being an entrepreneur is in my blood, and I can’t imagine my life without it.

I didn’t become an entrepreneur just because of money. My highest values are freedom, comfort and making the positive impact in other people’s lives whenever I can. They are a nice mix that motivates me to do whatever it takes.

A few days ago, I told you the main reason why I’m starting writing this blog again. I miss the business and marketing talk because my customers and students are interested in astrology, self-development and other topics that are not business related.

I’ve been an entrepreneur since 1990 and created my online business in 2005. This blog is about living my dreams as an online entrepreneur. I need to share what I do, connect with like-minded people and freely talk about business, marketing, and money. I simply love it.

My best intentions are to help you become a successful entrepreneur and start living your dream life. When you start trusting me you will hopefully join some programs or use some great tools through my affiliate links.

Those commissions will pay for my additional education, coaching programs, best mentors, testing new tools and techniques, so you don’t have to spend too much of your precious time, money and energy on wrong decisions. I thank you for supporting my mission.

My dream life

While thinking about my dream life, I realized I live all my biggest dreams. Living in a beautiful and comfortable house means life to me. I live in a safe and friendly environment in my new home and am surrounded by friendly neighbors.

I don’t have many unfulfilled dreams and wishes but can think of some. In the next three years, I would like to redecorate my house, pay off my mortgage and buy my dream car.

My online business allows me to take my time off any time of the day and it gives me a great sense of freedom. It is essential to me. It covers my basic needs, but I would like to add some additional income into my safety bucket in the next few months.

Last week I heard about an opportunity I couldn’t accept because I’ve been investing all my money into my new project this year. My big dream is never to miss another opportunity again because I wouldn’t have enough savings.

My magic number

I see people starting affiliate marketing writing they want to earn $10,000, $15,000, $50,000 or even $100,000 per month. When they look at it, they easily get discouraged to stick to any strategy because most of them don’t earn that money quickly.

I’m pretty sure when you dream too big you can quickly lose hope and think you will never achieve your dreams. On the other hand, when you start with the first dollar in mind you know you can easily repeat the process and earn another as many times as you want.

My magic number is much lower than you probably think. I can comfortably live my dream life on 3,500€ monthly income. At 5,000€- 6,000€ per month, I can afford all the things I want. So, right now I will stick to those numbers.

Honestly, I don’t know how much money I will earn online in the future and don’t think about it as much as you might think. The most important thing for me is to enjoy the process and my freedom while making the difference in the world around me and living my life as I want.

While writing this post, I’m trying to think about something else I would like to add to my dream life. Right now, nothing genuinely desirable pops into my mind.

Your dream is important

When I was younger, I had many dreams. Before you go, I would like to say never stop dreaming and be aware of your dreams. It doesn’t matter how big or small they are. They are yours, and your life mission is to live the life by your design.

About the Author Irena

I help people become the best version of themselves so they can become happier, more successful and live the life of their dreams.

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  • Abdullah says:

    I liked your Magic number, and you right when u said: ” when you dream too big you can quickly lose hope and think you will never achieve your dreams ”
    I agree with that Mindset, I believe when we accomplish 100$ we will be able to use tools that help us make 200$ and then Beyond.

    Well done Irena, I hope you achieve your goals soon

    • Irena says:

      Thank you for your comment, Abdullah.

      I sincerely meant what I said because I’ve seen people online hoping for something too big comparing their efforts.

      I was so happy when I got my first commissions in 2016. It was $25,20 only but was the first one. Many more followed, even 4-figure numbers. I wrote about it at

      I would like to add something small about my goals. I reached to the stars and was disappointed. For many years, I set up my goals a little higher than I know I can achieve them so I stretch a little but not too much to achieve them.

  • Great post Irena, love your pic also!
    I agree in so far as I think it’s good to start small, from where you are, however, if we don’t have the big picture of what we really want, we may never achieve it.

    As the saying goes, “Reach for the moon and you might just hit the stars, or reach for a small goal and you might just hit that”

    I look forward to the journey with you Irena. Love your blog also!

    • Irena says:

      Tina, thank you for your comment and your lovely energy.

      I can agree with you. If you have a big dream, dream big. When you are much younger than I am you probably need to dream bigger dreams. I wanted those fancy cars, clothes, holidays and many things in the past so I had to have bigger dreams to get them. 🙂

      Luckily, I’m fortunate enough to achieve almost everything I wanted before I was 40. It happened because I had a big dream but focusing on the next small goal. My biggest dream now is to work on projects I love and earn enough to enjoy my simple life in a way I love it. 🙂

      I’m looking forward to seeing your journey towards the stars, Tina.

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