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My latest commitment


My latest commitment

This Spring, I wanted to restart my blog, but I had so many tasks to finish. I know what you think. Excuses! Yes, they are, indeed. I simply didn’t follow through. 

After joining Quick Start Challenge 2018, I decided to make another promise to myself. It often helped me in the past when I wrote it and announced publicly, so I think this post will serve the purpose.

Yesterday, when I wrote the post what I did in the past year, I realized how much I missed my business and marketing blog. In my other businesses, I talk about astrology, personal development, and personal finances.

Whenever I tell something business and marketing related, people write to me and ask me why I changed the topic. Many advised me to stick to the main subjects and don’t bother them with business. On the other hand, I love to talk about business. I’ve been an entrepreneur since 1990 and still love it.

Facebook groups

Honestly, I don’t spend much time on Facebook. I joined several groups, but one of my favorites is the iPro Partners Facebook group because I always find something interesting there. Dean Holland and his team share new tips every day. They really want us to succeed online.

My problem is I have nothing to say there. People in the group are willing to talk about business and marketing, but it’s a closed group dedicated to affiliate marketing. I can’t share there my days and takeaways from my other businesses. By writing this blog, I already feel I belong to the group again.

Big commitment

When you work online, you are in the lonely place. People are reading your blog posts (or not), send you Facebook friendship requests and want to talk to you on messenger. It’s a great thing, but as much important is to connect with like-minded people who inspire you and give you feedback on your efforts.

So, the obvious solution is to write my blog more often. Today, I decided to more often share about my days or what I do in my business. For the next 90 days, I will update my website, write more blog posts or work on backend at least five days per week. After that, I will review if it still brings me so much joy or I should turn it into something else.  

I hope you will visit my blog, read my posts and learn something from me because I love to share and help others to create a happy and prosperous life.

I would love to hear what you think. Please, take a minute and write a comment of encouragement.

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