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My marketing assistant

My marketing assistants

Online marketing takes a considerable part of your online business. When starting your online journey, you need to learn about setting up or at least updating your blog and website. You need to learn how to update plugins and make sure your site is safe.

Then you choose your strategy. Let’s say you start blogging and creating content consistently. In the beginning, you have no idea what will work for you and are testing a huge number of different strategies. As you focus on too many things, you lack the time and often energy.

Why people fail online

I think all those different things you need to do are one of the main reasons why people fail online. They want everything immediately, don’t get commissions yet and forget they started a longterm commitment. If you do something right from the start, you can avoid many disappointments.

So, when I started my business and marketing blog, I focused my energy on too many different things. The result was I didn’t follow through. It was too much to do, and I simply didn’t want so many commitments in my life.

Searching for marketing assistant

Soon, I realized I need some help with my marketing. Before I tell you what happened, please note I live in a small county with different values than yours (if you’re not from Slovenia, of course).

I tried to find a student or someone who would like to help me for a reasonable price. Additionally, I was prepared to teach that person everything I know about social media and marketing activities for free. It’s true I gave up soon, but I had no success finding such a person. 

I thought I could delay my marketing activities since I had a very successful blog for one of my businesses. Many of my posts and product pages for the most important keywords are landing on Google’s first page, and it seemed I don’t desperately need new marketing activities.

It was easy for me to get a constant flow of the suitable visitors but something inside was still bothering me. So, I decided to find someone who would like to learn how to do the job right and work a few hours per week to prepare my marketing materials and post the content on social media. No success.

My first marketing assistant

Suddenly, I got an email from my friend. He invited me to try the first tool that would solve my issues. I bought it. Then I heard for another tool and tried it. I bought many, and now, I can tell you something about each of those I use every single day so you won’t spend your money on worthless or too expensive ones.

Instead of searching for a perfect person who would match my values and has some designing and social media skills (or at least a wish to develop them) I started using a few tools. They work 24/7, don’t ask for raise and never complain.

In the beginning, you can do everything yourself. After a while, you need to hire a VA or someone else or start using some great tools that will help you attract the right people (visitors and subscribers).

In the next few days, I will introduce you just a few tools that are easy to use and made my life and marketing efforts so much easier. What I love about them is the opportunity to use them for free when you don’t have money to invest in your business growth yet.

About the Author Irena

I help people become the best version of themselves so they can become happier, more successful and live the life of their dreams.

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