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Why did I join Quick Start Challenge 2018

Why did I join Quick Start Challenge 2018

I’m a big Quick Start Challenge fan. Although I don’t necessarily need it, I join it every year when it comes to my attention, or I hear it will start again. There’s a good reason.

Quick Start Challenge is one of the best internet marketing programs I found since 2014. People who want to succeed online can massively benefit from it because it takes a complete beginner online and in just a few weeks teach you everything important every internet business owner needs to know.

I never felt like an internet marketer, but slowly I realize that I’m an internet marketer in my soul. When I first joined it, I just wanted to find a better way to promote and sell my online courses. After years of searching for the perfect program for my needs, I always come back to Dean Holland and his team.

Dean Holland thank you!

Why Quick Start Challenge 2018

During the last Quick Start Challenge 2017, I got the push I really needed at that time. It took place in the middle of my most important launch of the year. You can imagine how busy I was, but I took the time, learned from Dean and implement it into my business.

If you think I started my affiliate marketing business at that time, you’re wrong. During Quick Start Challenge and the whole year later I was working on my business using the best things I learned there. Moreover, yes, there were some exciting lessons.

After 6 months I decided to come back to my business and marketing site. I love to share what I learn in my business, but something else happened. It was GDPR “thing” and panic around it. I realized I’m in no position to translate all my policies and other legal stuff in English. So I gave up on that idea.

What did I do since previous and this Quick Start Challenge

In the last year, I had a vision for an entirely new website where I could join all my Slovenian businesses under one roof. I still work on all my websites, their promotion and will continue as planned. All I wanted to do is to bring the sales and membership area to one place only.

In the past few years, I learned a lot about WordPress, blog structure and plugins so I can manage all my websites myself. It was quite a challenge, and it wouldn’t happen without Quick Start Challenge 2014 and a few friends there who taught me a lot.

People recommended me the best tools that simplified my online presence. My wish for you is to learn something valuable from me and my business journey. Take from me something that can ease your life and your existence online.

Let me get back to my journey. The new website I told you about is something completely different. Although I know WordPress quite well I needed a payment system where I can sell something to people who pay by bank transfer. I couldn’t use English platforms because there’s no way to sell to those people. If you wonder, I can tell you I asked a zillion companies if they have a solution for me.

Why was the payment option so important?

In my country, 95+% of my customers and students still use bank transfer. So, the only solution I could find was WooCommerce. It made me mad because I needed to learn a new way of using WordPress and translate the whole thing to my language.

Best thing about all this is I figure it out and now love it! 🙂

I won’t even mention the agony about implementing credit cards into the system. It’s the whole new story as I couldn’t use the recommended plugins and extensions for my country. If you wonder if I managed it, I could say  “Yes, I overcame all unexpected obstacles during the whole time.”

When you work as an internet marketer, you don't have to deal with such things so you might stick to it. 🙂

My biggest challenges and great decisions

When I realized how much work it is, I tried to outsource it. You won’t believe it, but it’s true. After every person, I hired I needed to set up the whole site again because something didn’t work and I had no idea what people were doing on my website.

In December I decided to set up everything from scratch myself. It was a long and exhausting process, but I did it. I’m really proud of my work and the things I managed to build later. In January I managed to transfer some of the products to my new website.

After that, I moved two more courses and created three entirely new ones. To be honest, they are not new. I wrote all material years ago and thought the same courses in the classroom. I needed to create powerpoint presentations, record them (make videos) and create the complete courses on the website.

Last August I hosted my first webinar. After that, I held webinars regularly. Some of them are for my students only and some for promotional reasons. Before I started my first webinar, I decided to repurpose them. So, I had to plan strategically.

I recorded each of the webinars and most of them I can offer as an upgrade or bonuses to my students. Every promotional webinar I turned into the evergreen automated webinar. Their purpose is to nurture my relationships with my subscribers, give great value and make some additional sales.

In this short post, I can’t tell you everything that happened to me in the past year since I finished my Quick Start Challenge 2017. There was much value for my fellow marketers and me, so I joined again with a different purpose in mind.

This year I don’t plan any new activities in my existing business. There’s a lot of work for sure. On the other hand, I will not have to spend my precious time studying the next platform. It is set up now and waiting for me to upgrade it with the new content.

In 2014, I could work just a few hours a week. I described it in my free e-book. If you want to manage your business in only a few hours a week, please feel free and use everything I shared with you. Later I started to work more again. In next few months, I intend to use as described in my free e-book and work 30-40 week schedule again.

After a few years of struggling with my time commitment, I’m finally at the right place to restart my business and marketing tips blog all over again. Quick Start Challenge 2018 represents a push I needed to make it happen.

I have a ton of valuable topics, and in next posts, I will share with you what I did, how it went and what I learned from it. In one of my future posts, I will tell you about the best list building tactic I’ve ever used before. It has a lot to do with Thrive Quizes that brought me 344 new subscribers in 15 days

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