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One of the most important pages - About me page

How to Start a Blog – Blog and About me

How to Start a Blog – Blog and About me pages

About me and Blog are the most important pages on your website. 

Many websites and blog owners are ordinary people just like you and I. They are passionate about the topic they write about and a little lost at the beginning of their journey.

They often look at other websites and try to model the one they like the most. They search site after site and feel that everything they know is already written on the internet.

They think there's no room for their blog left.

If you search Google, you find tons of similar sites. When you open the first one, the second one, the zillionth site, you can feel like you don't have a clue what to do next.

If you're at this point in life now, you mustn't give up. Don't procrastinate and don't overthink.

Keep it stupid simple, and you'll get on that Google page later. If you don't target Google, you get attention and your readers elsewhere.

Blog and About me pages

So, let's get back to the essential point. You don't need a huge website and all complicated navigation.

When you start your blog start with two pages only. The first is your Blog page and the second is your About me page.

You can add the other pages later when you get confident and familiar with the content and get to know your readers better.

Blog page

 On your Blog, write about what you're passionate about.

Let's say you love speed and sports cars. What a topic! You can write about a car you drive or your dream car.

Tell your readers why you love it and what are you willing to do to become a proud owner of that car.

Explain the stories about the feeling when you rented that beautiful car. You can tell them about your mother how proud she was when she saw you driving it.

You can even tell which cars you hate and what kind of drivers make you angry.

Your life is an endless inspiration, and you'll find the nitty gritty things. Write or make videos around them, and people will start following you.

Shortly, a few months or a few years later, you'll wake up and discover that you're not a first-day online entrepreneur anymore and you made a difference in many other people's life.

About me page

About me page is one of the most important pages on your Blog or Website. Perhaps it's the most important page.

When people start visiting your Blog and reading your articles, they will want to KLT you. (In case you never heard. KLT stands for Know, Like and Trust.)

They will spontaneously start searching for more information about you, and your job is to tell them who you are.

Tell them about your mission or why you're passionate about your topic. If you have a personal anecdote how you discovered your website topic, describe it on your About me page.

You can write about your other hobbies, about your values, reasons, and motivations. Your life is your story. Sometimes it could be sad. Sometimes it could be fun.

Just be yourself. Never try to be someone else because you can't fake it on the long run.

I was very successful, and I almost bankrupt several times. My past life experiences give me rights to share different situations and life stories from my past.

In case you create your blog about business and marketing, you don't have to write about your previous business journey if you still have a job and no previous business experience. 

It would be dishonest if I would write about »How to enjoy in 9 to 5 job« because I've been an entrepreneur since 1990. I don't have that experience, and I don't know how it feels to have a job.

I could mention that I had a job almost 30 years ago, and then describe how and why I quit. But I cannot tell how would it feel if I would have a job today.

So, be honest. Get to know your readers and help them find solutions to their burning problems. People will love you because of you.

Set up that Blog and About me page

Some people are natural action takers and other procrastinators. Today, I encourage you to publish that Blog and add About me page.

If you have no idea what to write on your blog, tell people that you just finished your About me page. If you already have the list send the invitation to read it. 

Explain what you learned while you were writing and how long you procrastinated before even looked at your keyboard.

It's your turn. 🙂 In the comment section tell me how important is About me page on your blog or website.

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