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When you set up your blog keep everything as simple as possible.

How To Start A Blog – Set Up Your Blog

How To Start A Blog Right - Step 2: Set Up Your Blog

When you set up your blog keep everything as simple as possible. The best solution is to choose WordPress and check out which hosting company supports it.

The main reasons why I recommend you WordPress are the low costs of setup, simplicity, quick setup, a lot of free help and tons of possibilities to customize almost everything on your website.

Keep it simple

You can start today and expand your blog in new directions after a few months or years. In the next steps, I will show you what exactly I use in my businesses.

I'm not a technical person. I never set up the website on the server, but I watched my son to create everything for me. It is super simple. I just don't like to deal with it.

I start building my websites and blogs after basic installation. That's what I enjoy. My son helps me if I run out of time.

Find a Hosting Company

When you chose a domain name, you need a hosting company. Most popular are GoDaddy or Blue Host.

There you're going to register your domain name and choose a hosting service.

In case, you never heard about web hosting; I will try to explain it in a few sentences.

Web hosting is a service that allows you and other people or organizations to publish a website or blog on the internet.

Your chosen hosting company will help you publish your website on super power computers called servers.

After someone types your domain name in Google or another browser, they will see your website or blog.

For a quick and simple start, you can choose one of the most popular hosting companies. Later, when your business grows, and you find it convenient, you can find more expensive one.

Sign up for a hosting plan. In a few minutes, you should receive an email with your username, password, and login info.

When you get a hosting account and your login information, make sure to save all your passwords and access information in the safe place.

I always save the copy of the email on the separate disc. I also print a copy and put it in the fascicle.

Set Up WordPress

Setting up WordPress is easy. You need to login in your hosting service account and install WordPress.

If you can't imagine what to do, ask a hosting company to help you with your WordPress installation. Many companies will help you for free.

Then check your email inbox for your username, password and login URL for your Blog. Use the information to login into your website.

Then, you'll have access to your website dashboard. To set up your blog you need a Blog theme. For WordPress, you can find lots of free themes. Chose the one you like or decide about the paid option.

If you want conversion focussed theme that will turn your visitors into subscribers and customers, I highly recommend you to check Thrive Themes.

In the next step, I will show you what I use on all my websites and why I chose it.  You can benefit from it, too.

If you want to make money with your Blog…

You get the complete step by step instructions about choosing the hosting company, setting your domain on the server and installing WordPress on the training included in the Internet Profits. Start with this FREE BOOK. You will pay just a small shipping fee.

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