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The power of one quiz only – 181 subscribers in 15 days


The power of one quiz only - 181 subscribers in 15 days

Do you remember the days when we solved the A, B, C, D, E,… quizzes in the newspaper? Today everything, even the quizzes are accessible online.

When I started affiliate marketing, traffic was one of the hardest things for me to understand. Those days are behind me, and I'm glad.

You can have a successful internet business when you get a constant flow of right people at the right time to your funnels. Recently, I created a test. My question was: »Is it true that I could get more right people into my funnels if I create a quiz?«.

Honestly, this was not a new question as I got my Quiz Building Plugin installed for a very long time. I just didn't use it. Only God knows why I didn't give it a try as it is super simple to configure. The guilty one was probably my focus on 80% of work instead of focusing on 80% of the result.

At the beginning of September, I finally created that first quiz. I put some thought into it and decided to make it attractive only to people who are my best target traffic. All others should not be interested in answering the questions.

I can see how right I was because I notice high open and click rates in the funnel. This quiz just started to show on my website and is already responsible for some early sales, too.

Let's look at the results.

So far, 879 visitors land on the quiz landing page and 599 complete it. 16% (144 visitors) dropped off at once. 735 visitors answered all questions and 181 subscribed to my list. I also got 33 shares on Facebook.

Is it true that I could get more right people into my funnels if I create a quiz?

I'm pleasantly surprised by the results. They might not impress you, but they are real. I'm happy with this quiz because I got valuable information about people who answered the questions.

After looking at the result page (I will show it to you on another occasion), I noticed some topics people would need to understand better before they decide to buy the course in this funnel. Now, I know exactly how to nurture and impress them before I can offer them my course.

Can you imagine what a powerful well thought quiz could do for your business?  

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